The Relaxation Therapist

About Me

My background

I am a licensed, certified and insured: 

Relaxation Therapist, LMT & Holistic Practitioner. Since 2003 I have been working with different modalitites and expanding as the years pass. These modalities include: Holistic Nutrition, Life Coach, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master, Yoga Guide, Auriculotherapy, Massage Therapy, (and always evolving). 

How I got started

I was drawn to these modalities and my journey began in 2003 when our son was born, and when experiencing shifts in my and my families lives. I have greatly benefited from these experiences so now I share them. I continue to grow my practice as the years pass and expand the services offered. 

My approach

I believe we all have the capacity to allow healing. I provide services, but the real change and healing comes from within the client. When you as the client, remain open and receptive, you allow for relaxation and healing. I am here to guide and assist, but the healer is in YOU. 


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