Therapeutic Oils

A bit about my: "why"?

It takes less than 30 seconds for whatever you place on your skin to be absorbed into your bloodstream. Our bodies are bombarded daily by so many chemicals, what we place directly onto our bodies from lotions, makeup, perfumes, shampoo, and even products that wash our clothing that sits on our skin- all contain a long list of ingredients and chemicals most of the time we do not even know how to pronounce. 

When our son was born in 2003 I began to pay closer attention to what products we were using, and slowly began to make our own so I would know exactly what was going into each one.  I began to incorporate oils, and slowly transitioned into a more holistic lifestyle.  Over the years we discovered that we were not comfortable with all essential oil brands. After spending time trying different brands and researching different brands we found Young Living to resonate for so many reasons.  The oils and the company are something I can stand behind and I use these with my family as well as with my clients. 

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